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Yearly Archives: 2019

How to Prep your Car for Winter Travel

Whether you’re planning to travel by car this winter season or will just be driving to and from work each day, prepping your car for winter can help you avoid car troubles on the road and keep you safe while driving in winter weather conditions.  Before you hit the road for any type of extended travel, we recommend bringing your vehicle into our shop for a winter car inspection. This will give you peace of mind on the road knowing that an expert took a look at your vehicle and made sure that everything was in working order to stay reliable in the cold weather.  Here are some of the top ways in which you can prep your car for traveling this winter:  Get your car serviced if it is due and inspected for other issues Check your manufacturer’s website for any recalls Inspect your tires to verify they have good tread and are in overall good condition Install new windshield wipers and top-off wiper fluid Check all vital fluids  Be sure to test your vehi ... read more

Happy Thanksgiving from Caliber Auto Care Centers!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Caliber Auto Care Centers! We hope that you had a wonderful holiday with friends and family. With all the holidays comes lots of travel, so if you are planning a road trip in the near future, we recommend that you check off some important travel measures before you hit the road.  Be sure to have your vehicle inspected by the experts here at Caliber Auto Care Centers before you hit the road. You never want to be caught in a situation where you are stuck without a working vehicle, so guaranteeing that your vehicle is ready for any road trip will keep your family safe and bring you peace of mind on the road.  Pack ample blankets and coats for the road to keep warm if you’re traveling in the cold this winter.    Have an emergency kit on hand in your trunk to help out in cases of emergencies. Some things to make sure you have with you include a spare tire, jack ... read more

Symptoms of Worn Out Brake Pads

Your vehicle’s brakes should always be in top working condition. If you ever notice a problem with your brakes, an inspection is recommended as soon as you can to avoid brake failure. One component of your vehicle’s brake system is the brake pads, which have the important job of helping the calipers make contact with the rotors, and therefore stopping or slowing down your vehicle.  The brake pads will eventually wear down over time due to friction, which is why they need to be replaced at certain intervals. If your vehicle’s brake pads need to be replaced, you may notice one or more of the following symptoms:  A squealing or screeching noise can indicate that the brake pads need to be replaced. This can signify that there is metal to metal contact happening with the brakes. A clicking noise can also mean that your brake pads need to be inspected. A clicking noise while braking is usually an indication that the brake pads are loose.  If you notice a ... read more

What are the Benefits of Premium Gasoline?

You're getting gas and look at your options. If you have a standard sedan, more than likely you're used to getting 87 octane gasoline. But, have you ever wondering if there is a benefit to premium gas, and what types of vehicles require it? First things first - if you're unsure about what type of gasoline is best for your vehicle, refer to your car's owner's manual. This manual will tell you the gas that is best for your car.  Fuel that has a higher octane such as 91 or 93 can stand up to high compression than 87 octane. Vehicle's that have engines with high compression ratios or turbocharges may require high octane fuel to get the best performance and fuel efficiency from their vehicles. However, most regular cars on the market today will work best with regular octane fuel.  If your vehicle manufacturer recommended regular fuel, getting premium fuel will not benefit your vehicle in any way. However, certain additives in gasoline can affect your vehi ... read more

What to Do When You are Pulled Over

You're driving along and you see a cop car behind you - suddenly, the police officer's lights illuminate, signaling for you to pull over to a safe area. You may begin to get extremely nervous, especially not knowing what you could have done wrong.  If you do get pulled over, don't panic. If you knew that you were doing something illegal, then chances are you already know what you'll be ticketed for. If you aren't sure, just breathe and be understanding when the police offer approaches your vehicle.  Here is what to do next when you are pulled over:  Pull over promptly and safely. Move far over to the shoulder or park somewhere safe. Roll down your window and turn off your engine.  Have your license and registration ready to go Be respectful! If you do find yourself in a situation where you are pulled over by the police for a mechanical issue, such as a broken taillight, be sure to give us a call here at Caliber Auto Care afterwards and we w ... read more

Why Does My Steering Wheel Pull to One Side?

A problem with your steering can feel funny - you're driving on the road and you feel your vehicle veering to one side, and it is difficult to keep your vehicle traveling straight. This is the main symptom that your vehicle is due for a wheel alignment. Even though you may feel that it hasn't been that long since you last had your alignment done, problems can still arise if the alignment is completed by a shop with older or inaccurate alignment equipment.  Steering will pull to one side if one or more of your vehicle's wheels aren't aligned correctly. If this is the case, you will also notice excessive wear to your tires over time. Your wheels can be forced out of alignment as well, and this can happen from a number of different occurences, such as hitting potholes or curbs and driving quickly over speed bumps.  If you are experiencing problems with your car veering to one side and suspect your car is due for a ... read more

What To Do When The Check Engine Light Comes On

We understand that it can be stressful to see your vehicle’s check engine light turn on. It can be scary wondering about what the issue could be and how much it is going to cost you to fix it. When your vehicle’s check engine light turns on, it’s letting you know that it has detected a problem that needs to be addressed. The best way to get peace of mind and figure out the problem is to bring your vehicle into your local auto repair shop for computer diagnostics.  Computer diagnostic testing is done using a tool that essentially snaps onto your vehicle’s computer system. It will read the error code which will indicate which system the problem is coming from. This will help your mechanic pinpoint the issue and perform further, more specific testing if needed. Once the issue is determined, you will better understand the problem and how much it will cost to restore your vehicle.  Eng ... read more

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