What are the Benefits of Premium Gasoline?

You're getting gas and look at your options. If you have a standard sedan, more than likely you're used to getting 87 octane gasoline. But, have you ever wondering if there is a benefit to premium gas, and what types of vehicles require it? First things first - if you're unsure about what type of gasoline is best for your vehicle, refer to your car's owner's manual. This manual will tell you the gas that is best for your car. 

Fuel that has a higher octane such as 91 or 93 can stand up to high compression than 87 octane. Vehicle's that have engines with high compression ratios or turbocharges may require high octane fuel to get the best performance and fuel efficiency from their vehicles. However, most regular cars on the market today will work best with regular octane fuel. 

If your vehicle manufacturer recommended regular fuel, getting premium fuel will not benefit your vehicle in any way. However, certain additives in gasoline can affect your vehicle's performance, such as additives that work to keep your engine clean and optimize fuel efficiency. These additives, however, are usually added to all octanes at certain gas stations, such as Chevron Techron. 

If your vehicle does require premium fuel, we recommend that you do use premium fuel rather than regular. While premium fuel is more expensive, getting regular fuel for your vehicle if it requires premium will get give you less fuel efficiency and hinder your vehicle's overall performance. 

So the answer to what are the benefits of premium gasoline is - nothing if your vehicle doesn't require it! If your vehicle does require it, the premium gas just works better with your car's engine. If you have any questions about what kind of gas is best for your vehicle, don't hesitate to give us a call here at Service First Automotive today. 

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