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What Vehicle Parts Can Potholes Damage?

Potholes have been known to cause harm to your vehicle, even though you may respond quickly enough to stop them. While some harm is obvious right away, it can take a while for you to note that your car isn't running as well as it once did.

In general, two factors have a significant impact on the type and severity of damage caused by potholes to your car:

  • The intensity at which you pass through the pothole;

  • The depth of the gap in the pavement.

What Kind Of Harm Can Potholes Do?


The tires are the most fragile part of your vehicle when it comes to potholes. Bulges on the tire rim, profile separation, and a flat tire are all common problems caused by potholes. Uneven tire wear may also occur as a result of incorrect alignment caused by potholes or rim damage caused by a wide or deep pothole in the lane.


Potholes in the road surface can also cause damage to the wheels. Potholes can cause the wheel to bend, chip, or crack, preventing it from forming an airtight seal with the tire. Furthermore, a bent wheel will not roll smoothly. It's also worth noting that flakes in the wheel may be tiny, hidden in one of the spokes, or coated in brake dust and road grime, making them difficult to detect.

Another issue that may arise is wheel alignment. When you hit the hard edge of a pothole, you can experience jerky steering and incorrect wheel alignment. This damage may not be apparent until the vehicle deviates to the left or right, or the steering becomes less sensitive than before.

Steering and suspension

The suspension dampens the impact of bumps on the road surface, making them less noticeable. A sudden collision with a pothole can damage the suspension, causing a variety of issues. The car pulls to one side, the controls feel loose, uneven tire wear or odd movements and noises are all signs that the suspension is failing.

Chassis, body, and exhaust

Low-ride-height vehicles have better handling but are more susceptible to pothole injury. Potholes in the road surface cause cosmetic damage such as scratches on low-hanging bumpers and side seals, among other items. Scratches along the frame that cause corrosion and leakage and holes in the exhaust pipes, silencer, or catalytic converter are examples of more serious harm. There is a lot of noise and the possibility of losing control when the exhaust pipes are impaired. There's also the possibility that the exhaust could release toxic chemicals, such as exhaust fumes that leak into the interior, which may be hazardous to one's health.

Give our car repair shop a call today if you suspect that you need a tire alignment or suspension repair after hitting a pothole this season. 

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